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AutoCAD 2006/2007. New Facilities (2006)

In July 2006 Piter Publishing House issued the book

18. N.Poleshchuk, N.Karpushkina. "AutoCAD 2006/2007. New Facilities". Piter, 2006, 208 pp. ISBN 5-91180-077-2

The book tells about new facilities realized in AutoCAD 2006 and 2007. A big chapter is dedicated to dynamic blocks that braught de facto parametrization into the system. Specially there are considered the problems arising while transferring applications created to work inside AutoCAD to 2006 and 2007 versions.

Book contents:


From the Publisher

Chapter 1. All the News List
.NET Framework
2006 News
2007 News
DWG Format

Chapter 2. Dynamical Facilities in Blocks
Static Blocks
Block Definition
Block Insertion
Block Attributes
Attribute Definition
Inclusion of Attribute into Block Structure
Insertion of Block with Attributes
Attribute Editing
Attribute Visibility Managing
Extracting Attribute Values
Dynamic Blocks
Main Features of Dynamic Blocks
Steps of Dynamic Block Creation Process
BEDIT Command
Block Parameters
Parameter Types
Parameter Examples
Point Parameter
Linear Parameter
Polar Parameter
XY Parameter
Rotation Parameter
Alignment Parameter
Flip Parameter
Visibility Parameter
Lookup Parameter
Base Point Parameter
Setting Parameters
On Parameter Values
Extracting Parameters with Attributes
Block Actions
Action Types
Example of Array Action
Action Overrides for Parameters
Parameter Sets
Adding Parameter Set
Set Types
Action Chains
Visibility States
Sample of Flowchart
Sample of International Speed Limit Sign
Sample of Trees
Sample of Arrows
Visibility State Creation
Sample for Self-Running
Lookup Tables
Dynamic Block Element Grips
Key Points
Grip Types
Grip Cycling While Block Insertion
Block Editor
Creation of User Tools for Block Authoring
Object Representation in Block Editor
Parameters and Values
Object Interdependencies
Commands Accessible in Block Editor

Chapter 3. Dynamic Facilities in Drawing
Dynamic Input and Tooltip Display
Access to Previously Input Data and AutoCAD Commands
New Possibilities for Changing Views
Interactive Entity Selection

Chapter 4. New Facilities for Drafting and Editing
Dimension Completion
Arc Length
Jogged Radius Dimension
Arrow Flip
Extension Line Fixed Length
Changing Linetype of Dimension and Extension Lines
Mtext Lists
Table New Facilities
Fields and Formulas
Hatch Enhancements
Hatch Changes
Editing Hatch Boundary
Hatch Area Calculation
Creation of Separate Hatches
Restoring Hatch Boundary
Changing Hatch Origin Point
JOIN Command
Improvements in General Modification Commands
ROTATE Command
OFFSET Command
SCALE Command
TRIM and EXTEND Commands
Changes in RECTANG Command
Editing Arc with Triangle Grips
Calculator Facilities
Number Expressions
Points and Vectors
Object Snap Functions
LISP Variables
System Variables
Example of Calculator Usage

Chapter 5. Course Towards DWF and XML
Publish in DWF
3D Model Publishing
Sheets and Sheet Sets Publishing
Autodesk DWF Composer
DWF Underlay
PDF Format
XML Attacks
Customization (CUI) Files
CUI Command
Customize Tab
Macros and Icons
Editing Element
Transfer Tab
Enterprise CUI File
Setting Workspace

Chapter 6. Novelties-2007
Graphical Interface
Standard Workspaces
Modeless Windows
Status Line
New Tab of the Options Dialog Box
3D Solid Entities with a New Structure
Dynamic Editing
Work with Subobjects
New Solid Forms
Solid Flatshots
Smooth Surfaces
Intellectual Sections
UCS Dynamic Control
Visual Styles
Navigation and Animation
DWF Underlay and External References
Express Tools Integration
Other News

Chapter 7. What Can Programmer Expect?
Object Model
Visual LISP
ObjectARX 2006
ObjectARX 2007

Appendix. New Commands


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