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"AutoCAD® 2007: 2D/3D Modeling" (2007, Russian)

RUSEDIT issued in December 2006:

20. N.Poleshchuk. "AutoCAD® 2007: 2D/3D Modeling". Moscow, Russian Editing, 2007, 416 pp. ISBN 5-7502-0265-8.

The book contains description of AutoCAD 2007 tools. The material is developed using principle of transition from plane design to space work. Problems of creating two- and three-dimensional models are being discussed as well as their connection with sheets and sheet sets. Reader becomes acquainted with methods for visual effects, model navigation, rendering, animation. Exercises for mastering matter are given in all the chapters.



Chapter 1. Principles of Work

Chapter 2. 2D Model

Chapter 3. 3D Model

Chapter 4. Layout

Chapter 5. Visualization and Animation

Chapter 6. Printing and Publishing




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