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AutoCAD: Application Development, Tuning and Customization (2006, Russian)

Issued in January 2006 by BHV-Petersburg Publishing House:

15. N.Poleshchuk. "AutoCAD: Application Development, Tuning and Customization" ("In Origin" series). BHV-Petersburg, 2006, 992 pp.+CD. ISBN 5-94157-613-7

The book is devoted to tuning and customizing AutoCAD 2005-2006, as well as to modern programming tools applicable to AutoCAD (including: .NET Framework and Windows Forms, Autodesk RealDWG, managed and unmanaged code in C++, connecting AutoCAD and applications created with various languages). The book has 15 chapters:

1. Development Tools and Object Model; 2. Visual LISP; 3. DCL; 4. ObjectDCL; 5. ObjectARX (C++); 6. VBA; 7. Fortran, Delphi, C#, VB etc.; 8. Menus, Toolbars and CUIs; 9. Tool Palettes; 10. AutoCAD Options; 11. System Variables; 12. User-Defined Shapes, Fonts, Hatches and Linetypes; 13. Tablet; 14. Enterprise Work; 15. Working with Databases and Electronic Tables. All the chapter contents are accessible by links.

The book is accompanied by disk with samples, as well as with additional samples in C++ by A.Rivilis and R.Unesikhin. Chapter 4 and its examples were written by O.Beron.

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