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Dan Abbott. "AutoCAD®: Secrets Every User Should Know" (2008, Russian)

The book is a rare case of a software product details revealing based on rich author's experience, in a comprehensible and fascinating form. It is a treasure chest of useful information! I recommend this book for those who wants to understand features of AutoCAD 2000-2009 versions, to find paper space sense, to create drawing styles for architecture and machinery, to analyze possible errors, to run scripts for thousands of dwg files, to move from 2D to 3D, to customize with AutoLISP. The book is a Russian translation of "AutoCAD®: Secrets Every User Should Know", published in 2007 by Sybex. Dan Abbott is a professor, Autodesk Authorized Author, he was a success at several sessions of the Autodesk Unversity. The book was translated by Lydia Corpan (translator) and edited by Vilga Savelieva (literary editor) and Nikolay Poleshchuk (scientific editor and author of 2008-2009 releases review in Appendix 1).

D.Abbott. "AutoCAD®: Secrets Every User Should Know". BHV-Petersburg, 2008, 640 pp., ISBN 978-5-9775-0214-6

Contents of the book:

  • Forword to the American Edition
  • Forword to the Russian Edition
  • Chapter 1. AutoCAD Productivity
  • Chapter 2. Managing Your System
  • Chapter 3. Customizing the AutoCAD Interface
  • Chapter 4. Applying Graphics Standards
  • Chapter 5. Symbols, Tables, and Fields
  • Chapter 6. Plotting
  • Chapter 7. AutoCAD Scripts (all the chapter in PDF, Russian)
  • Chapter 8. AutoLISP by Example: Getting Started (see excerpt)
  • Chapter 9. AutoLISP by Example: Getting Better
  • Chapter 10. 3D for Everyone (see appendix)
  • Chapter 11. AutoCAD Puzzlers
  • Appendix 1. Feature Review: By Release (2000-2009)
  • Appendix 2. Selected DOS Functions
  • Appendix 3. AutoCAD File Extensions

More detailed contents (Russian) can be found at the publisher site.

Appendix of 8.02.09. You may download LISP program for building desk organizer from the chapter 10 (author is V.Savelieva, for AutoCAD 2007-2009). The program illustrates using AutoCAD commands in 3D work.

To use the program:

  • create a new drawing with acadiso.dwt template;
  • load deskorganizer-eng.lsp file (e.g. with APPLOAD command);
  • type (deskorganizer) in the command line and press Enter.
  • Result is shown below.

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