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Programming AutoCAD 2013-2015
(published in 2014, Russian)

The book was issued in September 2014 by the DMK Press Publishing House:

34. N.Poleshchuk. "Programming AutoCAD 2013-2015". DMK Press, 2015, 462 pp. ISBN 978-5-97060-066-5.

The book is devoted to the theme of developing applications to be run inside AutoCAD 2013-2015 with comparison to previous versions. There were also described necessary Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-2013 & Microsoft Visual Basic 7.1 integrated development environments as well as ObjectARX 2013-2015 & AutoCAD .NET API 2013-2015 libraries. The process of building custom (intelligent) objects to become new AutoCAD entities is covered in the book too. The book has 6 chapters:

1. Programming Languages and Object Model
2. C++ and ObjectARX
3. Intelligent Objects
4. .NET and Plug-ins (C#)
5. AutoLISP and DCL
6. VBA

All the chapter contents are accessible by links.

The sample projects files (1.67 MBytes, in Russian) can be downloaded from the publisher's web site. Some examples were written by A.Bushman (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

While the book had been printed it could be ordered with 20% discount. You can buy it in the publisher's Internet shop and in some other shops.

Discussion of the book at the Autodesk CIS Community's site.

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