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R-Ship+ CAD/CAM System

The R-Ship+ computer-aided system for design and technological preparation of the shipbuilding and machine-building production was developed by the group of physical bodies and registered on April 15, 2014 (Rospatent bulletin, May 20, 2014, certificate No. 2014614080, Russian). Completely compatible with the Ritm-Ship (Russian) system.


Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 921 7561226

Application Field

The R-Ship+ computer-aided system is aimed at technical preparation in shipbuilding production up to forming documents for yard workshops. It can also be used in shiprepair and machine-building. Main user interface language is Russian (English is available in some modules).

Works inside AutoCAD. Similar systems for: BricsCAD, nanoCAD.

For hull manufacturing the R-Ship+ system provides: creation of 3D wireframe model of hull structures, development of curved parts, forming database of sheet and beam parts, material nesting, calculation of programs for NC cutting machines, issuing shipyard production documents. There is a tool for designing and calculation of universal and specific rigs for hull metal working and assemblage.
For pipe manufacturing the R-Ship+ system ensures solving tasks of working and mounting ship pipelines.
R-Ship+ works on personal computers with Intel Core processors. FoxPro is used as DBMS. System software is based on graphical editor (nowadays it is AutoCAD) working under Windows 64-bit operating system:

The application field is shipbuilding, shiprepair and machine-building. It can be used in a shipyard or in a design bureau.
R-Ship+ is information-compatible with the Ritm-Ship system, version 4.0.

System Composition

The R-Ship+ system consists of the following modules:

The following important decisions are implemented in the system: automated nesting of sheet material, automated nesting of profiled metal, interactive creating cutting route, automatic creating marking route, creating hull structure parts on the basis of design and technology data in 3D model. There is a tool for parametric definition of ship elements.

Application software works in the environment of the graphical editor (now it is AutoCAD). There are numerous settings for various equipment, shipyard conditions and its documentation and rigging. The system has toolbars for main commands and shortcut menus for commands with options. All the modules have context help.
Modules work with database connecting graphical and textual data. User may work with different ship copy orders simultaneously.

Brief Description of Modules

The Project Module

The Project module provides environment for authorization and work with FoxPro database tables in connection with AutoCAD and Excel.

The Model Module

The Model module provides creation or import of 3D wireframe hull model having specific layer organization.

The Structure Module

The Structure module provides quick batch building ship structures inside 3D wireframe model. It has tools for hull expansion and loftbook calculations.

The Param Module

The Param module provides interactive and procedural description of ship structure elements. It uses problem-oriented internal language.

The M-Detail Module

The M-Detail module provides additional tools for work with ship wireframe models. It has specific software for hull sheet development, creating bending templates and assembly rig data.

The Part Module

The Part module provides forming and dimensioning of hull sheet and profiled parts including technological data (bevel, bending, allowance, flange, holes, notches, orientation text) and storing in DB.

The Nesting Module

The Nesting module provides automatic and interactive sheet nesting maps creation with consideration of sheet sizes, cutting kerf width, bridges etc.

The AutoTechn Module

The AutoTechn module provides designing technology of the hull parts manufacturing, with norms for each operation and using features of the shipyard workshops. The module uses part technological parameters.

The Drawing Module

The Drawing module provides drawings creation, with special ship symbols and tools for annotation, part numbering and connection with DB parts table.

The Pipes-Traces Module

The Pipes-Traces module provides automatic pipeline division and preparation of geometrical data for the Pipes module.

The Pipes Module

The Pipes module supports design database and provides bending and assembling process modeling information as well as NC bending programs.

The Pipes-Technology Module

The Pipes-Technology module supports technological and norms database and knowledge base and provides designing technology of pipes manufacturing


Terms of Supply

The R-Ship+ system is delivered by contract in the following scope: software and user guides for each module included. The system can be supplied in various configurations and with different options in each module. The software is protected by electronic keys. Standard delivery comprises three working places. Conditions of supply for greater number of working places are being defined by the Sides while contract preparation.

System Price

System price besides aplication software and documetation includes system installation on customer machines and brief training (during system installation). Price is negotiated.
Followon supervision of the system including consulting and small modifications are done during one year after day of delivery.
R-Ship+ customization to customer demands either is done by a separate contract or is defined in the main contract.

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