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Way to nanoCAD (Russian)

The book was issued:

37. N.Poleshchuk. "Way to nanoCAD". BHV, 2017, 368 p.p. ISBN 978-5-9775-3821-3. Hard cover.

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The author is an experienced user of AutoCAD and wrote many books on it. But now he suggests readers trying the Russian analog (nanoCAD), estimating its benefits and disadvantages. If you have worked in AutoCAD then you will not need much time to move to a new product. Interface is easily recognizable, main commands are the same, but there are nice distinctions heeding Russian specifics and CAD developers knowledge.
The book comprises foreword, thirtenn chapters and appendix. It is aimed to designers, technologists, architects, students possessing definite experience of interaction with AutoCAD. On example of nanoCAD Plus 8 there are described processes of getting, installing and tuning nanoCAD as well as given recommendations concerning migration to a practical work in nanoCAD. Hence came the title of the book, Way to nanoCAD.



Chapter 1. Installation and Registration

System demands
Installing program
Licensing program and its components
License file location
Starting window
User forum
Preset installer

Chapter 2. Interface and Settings
User interface
Popup menus line
Graphical screen
Context menus
Functional bars
Command line
Autohiding mode
Mathematical processor
Block names
Text screen
Tuning interface
Colour themes
Mouse right button
Settings migration from previous versions
Summary of comparison with AutoCAD interface

Chapter 3. SPDS or ESKD
Drawing document organization
Model space and layout space
New layout templates
Using templates
Layout manager
Support of ESKD and SPDS
The GOST 2.304 font
Setting design elements
Main menu. Corporate setings
The "Main Settings" tab
    General settings. Layer profiles
    Linetypes. GOST 2.302
    Hot keys
    Access to data bases
The "Standard elements" tab
The "Symbols" tab
The "Forms" tab
    Note book
The "3D" tab
    General settings
    2D view settings
    Live section settings
Design elements settings control
Design scale and object scale
Setting current scale
Design scale
Object scale

Chapter 4. Documents
DWG and formats
Operations with documents
Backup copy
Audit and restore document
Check geometry
Purge document
Converting to 2D
Text styles
Dimension styles
Multiline styles
Splines, tables, leaders and other objects
    Dimension edit window
    Something else about dimensions
    Universal leader
    Other leaders
    Standard table from DB
    Table from file
    Table with report on selected objects
    Table from MS Excel
    Table from clipboard
    Nonstandard table
    Full table editor
        Main menu
        Editor buttons
        Select cell or cells range
        Fill in cells
        Filling adjacent cells with similar data
        Image blocks in cells
        Line and column properties
        Cell properties
        Cell background color
    Quick cell editor
    Table grips
Texts, fields
Chamfers, fillets
Proxy objects

Chapter 5. Functional Bars
Overlapping functional bars
Drawing manager
File browser
Double click
Context menus
Create toolset
Create tool group
Create tool
Run tool
Delete tool
Edit tool
Export tool
Import tool
Standard toolsets
    GOST hatches
    ANSI hatches
    ISO hatches
    Other hatches
    Standard blocks

Chapter 6. NormaCS
Integration of nanoCAD with NormaCS
Install updated demo client
Main commands
NormaCS window
Search information
Verification of TD links
Quick search
Insert link to a document

Chapter 7. Sheet Sets
Gathering project documentation
Create sheet set
Sheet set based on a template
    Standard template
    User drawings template
Sheet set based on existing drawings
Functional bar interface
Set of layouts
Set of views
Mixed type set
Tree elements
Sheet subsets
Sheet set properties
Addditional sheet set properties
Blocks in sheet sets
View label blocks
Callout blocks
Add sheet
Add view
Comparison of sheet sets between nanoCAD and AutoCAD

Chapter 8. ETransmit and Print
Layout parameters manager
Paper formats
Plot styles
Print dialog
Batch plot
Embedded PDF printer

Chapter 9. Basic 3DTools
Coordinate systems
Extrude 2D objects
Types of 3D coordinates
Views and navigation
Create view
3D model fly
3D model walk
Create viewport
Edit viewport
Visual styles
General editing in 3D

Chapter 10. Rasters and Point Clouds
Insert raster xref
Raster editor
Embed raster
Convert embedded raster into xref
Separate raster
Edit raster
    Crop raster
    Trim raster
    Correction with four points
    Rotate raster
    Deskew raster
    Direct edit raster
Create new raster
Set raster format
Snap to raster
Point clouds
Import point clouds
Manage display of point cloud
    Display styles
        Scanning color
        Reflection number
        Source ID
    Sections and cuts
Get information
    Cloud information
    Point information
Fly and walk point cloud

Chapter 11. Additions to nanoCAD
Pro components
The "2D Constraints" component
Geometrical constraints
Dimensional constraints
Delete constraints
Constraints manager
The "3D Modeling" component
Building tree
2D sketch
Convert sketch into solid
Edit solid
Chamfers and fillets
General editing commands
Sections, views and cuts
CAE Fidesys

Chapter 12. Customizing Interface for Yourself
Interface customization. What abilities?
Tuning interface command
Commands list
The Main Menus tab
The Context Menus tab
The Toolbars tab
The Status Line tab
The Accelerators tab
The Object Actions tab
The Rollover Tooltips tab
Configuration files
The nCad.cfg file as an example
The userdata.cfg & userdata.ini files
Some data for the CFG file structure
Autoloading CFG file
Shortcut keys

Chapter 13. nanoCAD Plus as a Platform
Supported programming languages
The nanoCAD Developers Club
Visual Studio 2012 Update 4
Loading applications
Sample applications
The compiled samples installer
C++, NRX
The HelloNRX sample
The CrossCircle sample
The MultiCAD API samples
C++ project settings specifics
The HelloHost sample
The HelloHostVB sample
The CustomObjects sample
The SymbolsMgd sample
The CrossCircleMgdList sample
VBScript, JScript, COM
The VBS, JS commands
NSF files
SDK samples
The Tiles sample
The Helloworld sample
The Messagebox sample
The Listdialog sample
The Sindialog sample
DCL dialogs
The LSP Command
Source code protection for LISP, JScript, VBScript
ActiveX, COM
Packages *.package
Key -g of the shortcut

Appendix. Samples
The Samples folder
The Point Clouds folder
The Export from ArchiCAD subfolder

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