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Send Me a Message

You may send me messages. What themes may be involved? Almost all. But the most interesting themes would be the themes connected with AutoCAD, programming and my books. Please note: book prices are established only by publishing houses and shops. I can't set prices for Autodesk products.

My address is (replace # with necessary symbol).

I ask you to clearly write the sender's name and address as well as to give a sufficiently detailed message topic (3 or 4 words including "AutoCAD" would be the best). Elsewise it will be difficult for me to choose yor message among a great amount of spam and your message can be removed with rubbish.

If you are writing for the first time please give your name, city and professional interests.

If you have any ideas on publishing samples, writing sections and books, we shall discuss them. All my co-authors are readers in the past. Criticism, remarks and wishes are welcome.

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