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AutoLISP and Visual LISP Inside AutoCAD (2006, Russian)

This book was issued in May by BHV-Petersburg Publishing House:

16. N.Poleshchuk, P.Loskutov. "AutoLISP and Visual LISP Inside AutoCAD" ("In Origin" series). BHV-Petersburg, 2006, 960 pp.+CD. ISBN 5-94157-738-9

The book tells about programming with AutoLISP language and its Visual LISP extension, as well as about using AutoCAD 2005-2006 object model, ActiveX techniques and reactors. The book comprises 10 chapters and 9 appendices:

1. AutoLISP and Visual LISP Languages; 2. Development Environment; 3. Dialog Boxes; 4. Menus and CUIs; 5. Help Systems; 6. ActiveX; 7. ActiveX Methods; 8. ActiveX Properties; 9. Events and Reactors; 10. Programming Techniques; Appendix 1. Alphabetical List of Functions; Appendix 2. AutoCAD Entity DXF Codes; Appendix 3. Progress Bar; Appendix 4. Light Signals; Appendix 5. Toolbar Dances; Appendix 6. Entity Intersections; Appendix 7. Cleaning Extended Data; Appendix 8. CopyObjects Method; Appendix 9. Disk Description. The chapter contents are accessible by links. Appendix 8 was written by E.Smolyanka.

The book is accompanied by disk with samples. You can see found errors here (Russian).

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