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Visit to Autodesk Office in Neuchatel (Switzerland)
September 5, 2006

Neuchatel is a Swiss town located on the shore of the Neuchatel lake to the west from Bern, capital of Switzerland. One of the main Autodesk headquarters is located in Neuchatel. Members of various Autodesk teams - sales and marketing, product support, ADN developer support, localization, IT etc. - are working in this office. According to preliminary agreement we (Nikolay Poleshchuk and Vilga Savelyeva) visited Neuchatel office on September 5th, 2006 for acquaintance and discussion of some questions.
Our guide was cordial Kean Walmsley, Senior Manager of Developer Technical Services (DevTech), whom you know for his popular AutoCAD programming blog "Through the Interface". Here are photos of our visit (in chronological order).

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Bern-Neuchatel train
Nikolay, welcome to Neuchatel
Nikolay and Kean, first meeting
Vilga and Kean, before lunch
Kean and Nikolay, discussing

Nikolay and Vilga
Kean and local wine
Lake and mountains
Nikolay and Kean after discussion
Nikolay and Kean in coffee room

Vilga and Kean
Vilga, Camel and Nikolay
Door is open
Kean and Nikolay
Nikolay and Autodesk

Vilga and Autodesk
Nikolay and Kean in the town
Kean and Vilga
Zephyr, Kean's son (Sep 20)
Nikolay by lake

Vilga and lake
Neuchatel view

Fountain Policewomen Station view Lake and sails Inside station

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