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B-Ship+ CAD/CAM System

The B-Ship+ computer-aided system for design and technological preparation of the shipbuilding and machine-building production was developed by a group of programmers (reg. No. 2016615527). B-Ship+ works under Windows, inside BricsCAD v20-v22 (excluding Classic configuration) or/and AutoCAD (v2019 and other). It is functionally integrated with the systems Ritm-Ship, R-Ship+ requiring AutoCAD, as well as with the N-Ship+ system working inside nanoCAD Plus. BricsCAD is significally cheaper than AutoCAD and retains possibility of licenses unlimited in time.
Similar systems: BSB-Ship, Bnesting.


Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg. Nikolai Poleshchuk (head).
Phone: +7 921 7561226, email:
Prices are sent after request by email. English and Russian interfaces. Perpetual and temporary licensing is possible. Free testing period is granted.

B-Ship+ is a third-party appplication on the Bricsys site.

Application Field

The B-Ship+ computer-aided system is aimed for technical preparation in shipbuilding production up to forming documents for yard workshops. It can also be used in shiprepair and machine-building. Interface language are Russian and English. Adaptation to other languages is possible. The operating system is Windows.

System components

The B-Ship+ system consists of the following modules:

Software modules run using the data base connecting graphical and textual data. Work with several projects/orders is possible.

Documentation of B-Ship+:
General Description (PDF, English, 15.08.21).
Administrator Guide (PDF, English, 28.12.21).
Bdata User Guide (PDF, English, 28.12.21).
Model User Guide (PDF, English, 28.12.21).
Structure User Guide (PDF, English, 29.12.21).
Part User Guide (PDF, English, 29.12.21).
Mdet User Guide (PDF, English, 19.10.20).
Nesting User Guide (PDF, English, 29.12.21).

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