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A.Lazebny. Mysteries of Autodesk's Caves

Part 1. Society of selected persons

Autodesk is a clan of sorcerers and wizards who build mysterious and majectic castles named AutoCAD 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, Inventor Series, VIZ, etc. (This treatise tells about castles of AutoCAD 2006-2009).

These sorcerers created a special magic language AutoLISP and they also use such magic languages as VBA, C++, and others.

They wrote many books, sometimes with detailed secrets descriptions, sometimes with vague descriptions. They issued many guidebooks with instructions solving problems how to go, where to go, how to use, but much was left unrevealed. Maybe creators of magnificent castles died for being old-age, maybe intentionally hid in the walls of the castles the right answers to many questions. It is not surprising that strange thing happen sometimes in the castles, either ghosts appear, or things diappear, or everything is being destroyed.

As real sorcerers Autodesk specialists are reticent and do not be in a hurry to tell the secrets. Maybe they themselves do not all, it is possible. A man came, made his work and went away. What did he do, for what purpose? - a short resume exists but without details. Diggers come to help, they are people who get moral pleasure in examination of ancestors heritage.

There are diggers like me who mastered magic AutoLISP. They observe all the acracks and try to reveal the knowledge that can enrich them morally as well as materially. One sorcerer can create the first half of the building, other - the second half, and sometimes nobody can tell how they will interact. In some cases on the boundary of works one can find such a curious effects that these effects have not been predicted and are so valuable than it could be foreseen.

Besides diggers there are shamans, they are either tired digger or half-educated sorcerers. They do not visit other buildings and cannot finish their own. Nevertheless earlier or later sorcerers and diggers become shamans (due to old age).

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