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A.Lazebny. Mysteries of Autodesk's Caves

Part 3. Facade

Each castle has a visible part and an invisible part. We can see as a rule only facade and moreover only the things hanged on the facade by the users of the castle: lines, circles, texts and more complex forms, that is blocks. The castle itself is almost invisible. But it has doors through which we may enter there.

Castle creators gave us a set of tools for building architectural forms. To a certain extent we can create their filling and put it to building facade but all our efforts cannot be compared with complexity and beauty of internal castle structures - they attract diggers like your humble servant.

Some architectural forms are simple as line or circle. You look at them and understand that they are the simplest objects. That's why people and sorcerers call them "primitives". But there are more complex things like statues. With eyes, arms and legs but frozen, turned into stone - they are blocks. A thing seems to be single, one can move, enlarge, reduce it, but it is not a single thing, it is several entities glued together. For those things sorcerers designed a special space that is block editor space. When you get there it looks like you have already died and come to paradise. After black space of model you see that everything is white and only clouds are absent. And amonh this whiteness there hang elements of the block that we put into this space. These elements are not glued together as in model or paper space. One can move, recreate, remove them, add new objects and after leaving block editor space we will see our block modified. As we have done it in block editor space.

But dynamic blocks are more interesting things. If an ordinary block is a stone statue then a dynamic block is an enlivened statue. Its eyes can stir, its structure elements can appear. By a command it may become mirrored that is "right" may change to "left" and vice versa and so on. As I have found these blocks can do much more than sorcerers informed.

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